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For over twenty years, our company has been pursuing manufacture of chillers (circulators) to support the technological innovation of semiconductor manufacturing equipments always with a motto: “control the fluid temperature”. Thankfully, we have grown to gain the word “reliance” from our customers all over the world. Today, not only semiconductor industry, but growing industries such as LCD, MEMS, and organic EL are having greater expectation on us.

Under the name of globalization, we will keep meeting customers’ expectations sincerely with the pride of world approved “technology and quality”.

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Our chiller has been used broadly in semiconductor, TFT-LCD and packaging& testing process; the market share in Japan is also more than 80%~90%. Risshi is generally identified as the qualified chiller maker by the OEM system of semiconductor, TFT-LCD and packaging& testing. Many OEM systems have ranked Risshi chiller the standard equipment.

Main business: chiller design, manufacture, maintenance, modification; coolant (3M, Galden)… agent and sales.

Provide Total Package of chiller to Establish new Fab.

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